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I decided that once I posted the Harry Potter reviews, I might as well write a post about my top 5 characters of the series. Just a forewarning, if you have yet to read the entire series, I suggest you do not read this post for the sake of spoilers. So here is a short blurb on each of my favorite characters – not in any specific order – and why they are my favorites…

Fred and George – These count as two separate favorites because they are two separate people, but I love them for the same reason. Fred and George are very lighthearted and humorous; I can’t help but love them. Also, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes seems like an awesome store that I would blow all my money at.

Sirius – I love Sirius for the fact he has a motorcycle, facial hair, and luscious locks, but also because (SPOILER FROM PRISONER OF AZKABAN) he is Harry’s godfather.

Draco – Draco is such a little ball of my immense love, and I don’t have any genuine reason for loving him except that Draco is himself.


PERCY!!! – Everyone hates Percy, but I have an unexplainable love for this red-headed traitor.


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